New Mexico LLC Purchasing


If your goal is to remain invisible, then New Mexico is the best state in which to form a limited liability company. The only information required for the Articles of Organization is the name of the company, the address of the principal office, and the duration of the LLC.
A New Mexico LLC need not include the names of the members. The mailing address of the principal office can be anywhere in the world. And—unlike most other states—New Mexico does not require any annual reports. Thus, changes in membership and in location take place in total darkness. Neither are there any annual fees. Compare this with California’s annual $800 minimum franchise tax!

Why is a resident agent required?

The laws in all states require that both corporations and limited liability companies have a resident agent in that state who can receive official communications and send them on promptly to the owner or manager of the company. (Example: If a lawsuit is filed against a New Mexico LLC, the documents will be sent to the NM resident agent.)

How are New Mexico LLCs used for privacy?

The most common uses are to hold title to vehicles and real estate that are owned outright. Occasionally they are also used to own contracts or rent mail boxes or safe deposit boxes. (My contract with Saint Martins Press, for the book How to Be Invisible, is in the name of a New Mexico LLC.)

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